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Grupp & Partner is an internationally operating law firm based in Brussels, just a stone's throw away from the main buildings of the European Union. Our specialties include consulting services around the institutions of the EU and competent support with cross-border business activities by foreign companies in Belgium.

Services around the institutions of the EU

On the one hand, we offer our clients tailor-made consulting services pertaining to the institutions of the EU. In this respect, we are well-known as experienced lobbyists and frequently implement research and development projects on behalf of the EU. In addition, we constantly support our clients with regard to the acquisition of EU-funded programmes and projects.

Services for foreign companies in Belgium

On the other hand, we offer tremendous experience in all fields related to cross-border activities of businesses - for instance when a German company carries out construction and assembly services in neighbouring countries. Hence, we are the fiscal representatives of numerous German companies and attend to the subsidiaries of German companies abroad. Our services range from support with the recruiting of qualified workers to accountancy and annual statements to debt collection.


Services for businesses around the EU-institutions

1. Lobbying activities

A professional public relations management and excellent contacts with decision-makers in the Parliament, the Commission and the Council are key factors for businesses to effectively represent their interests in Brussels.

Grupp & Partner actively supports businesses in their relations with the institutions of the European Union and helps them get their interests across. Thus, clients are constantly kept up to date about current developments, for instance in the field of energy or transport. In addition, contact persons within the institutions are identified who are of particular interest for the concerned company. Furthermore, we offer our clients "Parliamentary evenings" and the domiciliation of their business in Brussels, which proves to be of great value for an effective public affairs representation.

2. Legal advice

Grupp & Partner assists disadvantaged bidders in case of violations against public procurement regulations by public authorities. In addition, our attorneys are specialized in the field of competition law and other areas, which enables them to assist clients with the Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

3. Programmes and Projects financed by the EU

Grupp & Partner actively supports businesses with EU-financed projects and programmes in all fields. We also assist companies which apply for public tenders by the European institutions.

Services for foreign companies in Belgium

The attorneys of Grupp & Partner assist over 200 companies in the construction industry which are based in Germany, Austria and states from Eastern Europe and which provide services in Belgium, the Netherlands and other EU member states. Furthermore, they cater for about 50 distribution companies in the form of affiliates or branches of German industrial businesses in Belgium and the Netherlands. These services are provided by Intergest Belgium, a tax advisory company. The partner network "Intergest International" ( allows us to offer the same services in 40 other states.

Our support comprises the whole business management, ranging from support with recruiting qualified personnel to human resources management to bookkeeping to accounting to the set-up of tax returns to annual statements to debt collection. A tailor-made monthly reporting is provided to all our clients. Thus, foreign companies do not actually need to set up a special business management scheme if they have a branch office abroad.

The attorneys of Grupp & Partner are especially specialized in VAT-law, income tax law, corporate taxation, labour law, collective bargaining law, acquisition law, professional accreditation law, and also international contract law. In this respect, VAT-rules, which are applied across borders, double taxation agreements, social insurance agreements and EU-law are evidently part of our daily work.

Due to the special knowledge of our lawyers in the field of the set-up of international contracts we also directly advise the executive board of renowned industrial companies.

As Europeanization and Globalization require particular knowledge, we organize seminars around topical issues, which allow us to establish a qualified certificate for taxation attorneys which they can validate with their bar associations.





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